Digital Curation Bibliography Preservation And Stewardship Of Scholarly Works -

resources library publishing coalition - job board the lpc maintains a list of jobs that incorporate library publishing roles to be included in this list the position must be located administratively in a library or report directly to a library based supervisor, digital archiving and preservation icsti org - icsti and cendi remain interested in digital preservation as they represent large repositories publishers and libraries of scientific and technical information this report is an update to that 1999 report this report focuses on operational digital preservation systems specifically in science and technology s t, d lib magazine index - a aalbersberg ijsbrand jan bioinformatics the mit press 1998 book review aalbersberg ijsbrand jan ove k hler supporting science through the interoperability of data and articles abels eileen g marilyn domas white neal kaske evaluation of chat reference service quality pilot study abhinkar sameer robert neches fangqi hu ragy eleish in young ko ke thia yao quan zhu peter