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nicolas winding refn presents the wicked die young - the wicked die young nicolas winding refn presents the wicked die young amazon com music, amazon com bronson blu ray tom hardy matt king - i wasn t sure what to expect but this film is one of nicholas winding refn s lighter efforts there is humor in almost every scene and bronson despite his violent tendencies is presented as a guy who just wants to make light of his situation, carey mulligan has never seen drive variety - nicolas winding refn s drive was one of the most acclaimed films of 2011 but one of the project s stars will have to take the critics word for it during a conversation with variety at the cannes film festival on thursday actress carey mulligan disclosed that she s never actually seen the l, jurassic park 4 plot details possibly revealed collider - jurassic park 4 plot details possibly revealed a new report claims that jurassic park 4 takes place in a sea world like theme park with dinosaurs, the complete history of ryan gosling vulture - last week ryan gosling s directorial debut lost river was met by mixed and often scathing reviews from critics who found the film overly ambitious at best an incomprehensible folly at worst yet the divisive reception is not altogether surprising ever since his breakout performance as a jewish, film archive pajiba entertainment politics culture - pajiba entertainment politics culture nasty feminist hugbox just when you thought nick loeb s anti abortion roe v wade was as bad as it could get, 10 simple rules of visual storytelling visual stories - in my previous example it was easy to make assumptions because we were seeing a person going through her everyday life if we were shown a lamp post or bacteria we would probably have a harder time trying to make assumptions about what we are seeing, does netflix need its movies in theaters vulture - with bright and war machine netflix is getting into the blockbuster game does it need to release them in theaters, jodorowsky s dune 2014 rotten tomatoes - synopsis in 1975 chilean director alejandro jodorowsky whose films el topo and the holy mountain launched and ultimately defined the midnight movie phenomenon began work on his most ambitious project yet starring his own 12 year old son brontis alongside orson welles mick jagger david carradine and salvador dali featuring music by pink floyd and art by some of the most provocative, the quality of modern movies signals our cultural decline - jon is a part time misanthrope full time american jon loathes modern academia art culture literature politics television and everything on god s green earth that has been inundated with boring predictable impotent vapid cultural marxist horseshit which mind you is totally void of a single individual thought, history of sex in cinema filmsite org - history of sex in cinema the greatest and most influential sexual films and scenes illustrated 2016, 50 must see movies of 2017 den of geek - we look back at some of the must see movies of 2017 that stand tall in our memory or are still worth being discussed, the 75 best movies on netflix july 2018 tech junkie - the second film by critically lauded director paul thomas anderson boogie nights is an unforgettable tale from a director who has since made some of the best films of the 21st century boogie nights his first major critical and financial success tells the story of eddie adams mark wahlberg in one of his best dramatic roles who leaves his abusive mother behind for a life destined for, thinking outside the box a misguided idea psychology today - thinking outside the box a misguided idea the truth behind the universal but flawed catchphrase for creativity posted feb 06 2014