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7 theories on the origin of life live science - life on earth began more than 3 billion years ago evolving from the most basic of microbes into a dazzling array of complexity over time, origin of life science allaboutscience org - origin of life origin of life spontaneous generation for millennia the origin of life was thought to be the result of abiogenesis also known as spontaneous generation the doctrine of spontaneous generation holds that organic life could and does arise from inorganic matter as late as the 17th century there were recipes to create life, origin of life news sciencedaily - research into the origin of life learn how certain small molecule interactions may have been responsible for the life itself you will find scientific theories and findings here, origin of life creation com - the origin of life can be explained through the study of thermodynamics of universe evolution origin of life and its evolution are the result of action of laws of hierarchical thermodynamics thermodynamics investigates systems which can be characterized by state functions, the origins of life science smithsonian - organic chemists have long used test tubes he says but the origin of life uses rocks it uses water it uses atmosphere, origin of life simple english wikipedia the free - the origin of life on earth is a scientific problem which is not yet solved there are plenty of ideas but few clear facts it is generally agreed that all life today evolved by common descent from a single primitive lifeform, researchers may have solved origin of life conundrum - the origin of life on earth is a set of paradoxes in order for life to have gotten started there must have been a genetic molecule something like dna or rna capable of passing along, studying the origin of life understanding evolution - origins and dna evidence biologists use the dna sequences of modern organisms to reconstruct the tree of life and to figure out the likely characteristics of the most recent common ancestor of all living things the trunk of the tree of life, revealing the origins of life nova pbs - if we did then the life non life transition might look downright simple to us no doubt the most challenging class of questions in science is the origin of things